To further develop our UAS, we continuously evaluate the quality of our services, analyse the results and derive appropriate measures. On this account, participation of all students and alumni/ae in periodic surveys is of utmost importance. Through these surveys, our students and alumni can make a decisive contribution to the quality of the UAS BFI Vienna.

  • Evaluation of courses allows for immediate feedback on the quality of a course for lecturers, programme management as well as quality management.
  • The yearly evaluation of the UAS environment reflects students’ perception of their ongoing studies in general, as well as of the accompanying offers and services pro-vided by the UAS.
  • The graduate survey allows students to give a final evaluation of the completed degree programme as well as the UAS environment.
  • Participation in external surveys such as the ‘trendence graduate barometer’ or the ‘Universum Student Survey’ offer benchmarking opportunities with other higher education institutions and an insight into students’ expectations regarding future employers and the labour market.
  • Alumni/ae surveys show our alumni/ae’s career paths. Moreover, they offer an evaluation of the completed degree programme within a vocational context and allow for regular alignment between competences acquired during the studies and those demanded in the labour market.

The results of surveys and statistical observations feed into immediate control measures and furthermore provide lasting input for the further development of degree- and post-graduate programmes.