SSL VPN Standalone Client

VPN-Access via the Website "" is only possible for users with Windows operating systems with Internet-Explorer or Firefox. For different webbrowsers or different operating systems the specific standalone-client has to be used.

You can download the clients from here.

Please install VPN Only!

Instructions for Windows :

Open the FortiClient either via the desktop-shortcut or via the start-menu.You'll find the Program in the start menu under: Start->all programs->FortiClient->FortiClient

In case you have already installed an antivirus-application, please deactivate this FortiClient feature.It's also recommended to deactivate the "Parental Control" feature. A new VPN has to be configured from scratch. Select "Remote Access" and click "Configure VPN".

Enter the text into the required fields as shown in the following screenshots. You can save your user data for future sessions if you select "Save login".


Confirm your input by pressing "OK".To finish enter your username and your password. Your username is your fhbxxxxx account and as your password please use your usual password. Then click on "Connect".

After your successful log-in you'll see this message in your taskbar.

The FortiClient interface should now look like this:

After the connection has been established, you can now log into the SAP-System (SAP-GUI).

To start the SAP-GUI:

Start->prgrams->SAP Front End-> SAP Logon, or use the shortcut on your desktop: