Instructions for Smartphones

Instructions for setting up the Office 365 mailbox on smartphones (Android, Iphone & Windows Phone)

Please check first whether your account is automatically recognised on your smartphone. For that purpose delete the old account in “Settings” and create a new account with first

In case your account is not recognised automatically enter the following server under “Enter Exchange Server”:

If any problems occur while setting up your smartphone you can find further details here.

Setting for Android:

First change to settings:

Select Add Account (Microsoft Exchange Active Sync Account):

Add the following details:

Analogously the setting for IPhone:

Change to „Settings“ first to select “Mail, Contacts, Calendar”:

Then select Office365 or Microsoft Exchange:

Add your account details:

Settings for Windows Phone:

First change to „Settings –System“ and select "email + accounts":

Select "Outlook":

Finally add your account details: