Calendar import is presently only possible with an existing Outlook installation via a csv-file.

In case this software is not installed on your private computer please use the university computers.

1.) To export your calendar to a .csv-file first, open your Webmail.

2.) It is essential to use the correct date settings in %d/%m/%Y format (see figure 1) before you start to export your calendar.

Figure 1

3.) Select Worldclient „Folder“ (see figure 2).

Figure 2

4.) Now export your calendar into a .csv format (see figure 3).

Figure 3

5.) Open Outlook, first click „File“ then „Open“ and then “Import” (see figure 4).

Figure 4

6.) Select "Import from another program or file" (figure 5)

Figure 5

7.) Select "Comma Separated Values (Windows)“ (Figure 6)

Figure 6

8.) Now browse to your saved .csv-file (figure 7).

Figure 7

9.) Select the folder "Calendar" to import the .csv file (figure 8).

Figure 8

10.) As may be the case, some custom fields must yet be mapped.

(see figures 9-10)

Figure 9

Figure 10

10.) Finally click "OK". You should find your calendar entries imported now.