Gender Mainstreaming

Gender Mainstreaming is a strategy to press ahead the social equality of women and men. Both genders should have the same chances for their professional, cultural, material and psychosocial development.
As an educational institution the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna takes over a significant responsibility for implementing social changes and, hence, has made the support of equalization as highest priority. Gender Mainstreaming is embedded as a cross section subject matter in all departments of the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna. Gender know-how, Gender competence and gender sensitivity are constantly being enhanced.

Diversity management

Diversity means literally translated variety and refers to many characteristics which mark a person or a group of people within an organization. The understanding of diversity of the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna does not only comprise the basic characteristics based on the legal protection against discrimination (age, gender, skin colour, ethnic-cultural affiliation, sexual orientation, physical and psychic abilities, religion). In the interests of a variety of the variety, diversity also includes other characteristics for the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna such as, for example, marital status, social background, organizational form of the study program, etc.
Since the beginning of the year 2013 the working group ”Gender Mainstreaming und Diversity Management“ along with the GM/DM representative work on a further establishment, spreading and identification of new subjects and responsibilities. The constitution of this working group is intercultural and interdisciplinary. Employees of different hierarchy levels and functional areas are involved.

UniversityandFamily (HochschuleundFamilie)

As one of the first Universities of Applied Sciences in Austria, the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna received the certificate "hochschuleundfamilie" from the Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth on November 21, 2012.
The aim of the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna is to raise awareness for an understanding and acceptance of the various different facets of life and to indicate practicable alternatives for occupation and study. Concerning compatibility of "hochschuleundfamilie" the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna provides support and advice for the students as well the employees.

Establishing Contact

Every case is treated confidentially.
For personal talks on gender and diversity matters the following representatives can be contacted: