Project Management and Organisation

“After having finished my bachelor’s degree in Project Management and IT, I wanted to deal with the managerial aspects of enterprises in greater depth and detail. Since I am in charge of IT and organisational development projects at work, I found the master’s programme Project Management and Organisation the ideal choice for me.

The broad scope of topics in this practice-oriented study programme is in perfect tune with professional challenges. The programme has enabled me to acquire valuable skills and competencies.”

Wolfgang Schwarz, MA, Alumnus

The graduates can:

  • run strategically complex projects by portfolio and multi-project management in leading project management positions
  • analyse, assess, and redesign SAP processes (business admin standard software)
  • analyse and assess principles of the foundation of enterprises from an economic point of view
  • apply the intercultural management methods in international projects
  • analyse, assess, model, and steer processes
  • run projects and hold leading management positions in international projects

Vocational fields:

  • Management of complex temporary projects
  • Management of project-oriented enterprises
  • Management of business processes

The programme in brief:

Academic degree: Master of Arts in Business, MA

Admission procedure: written application, MC test, structured interview

Admission requirements: degree in Law/Social Sciences/Economic and Management, Management Information System/Information System, Technology (in Austria or equivalent degree abroad); proven qualifications in project management (4 ECTS), mathematics/statistics (4 ECTS), business administration (12 ECTS), law studies (4 ECTS), English (4 ECTS, native speakers are exempt)

Course information (ECTS): 90 ECTS

Deadline for applications: 15 May, Online Application

Deadline for applicants outside European Union: 15 March

Duration of studies: 3 semesters

Medium of instruction: German

Number of study places per year: 50 part-time per year

Study periods: three evenings a week and Saturdays

Tuition fees: € 363.36 per semester (+ € 19.70 Austrian Students Union fee)

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