1. Online-Application

You register on our application portal, receiving your personal entry code. With this code, you start your application.

You first choose the study programme(s) for which you would like to apply, fill in the fields required, and upload the required documents. After you have dispatched your application, a green bar will signify that it has reached the UAS: After the application has been processed, you will be informed about this by mail. Should you receive your school-leaving exam certificate or your bachelor’s degree certificate only after the application deadline, then please let us know when you expect to finish school or your bachelor’s degree. With your entry code, you can access the portal at any time in order to upload further documents or follow the status of your application.

To international applicants: A certificate that proves your German language skills is not required. Your active language skills will be assessed during your admission interview.


1a. Application Deadlines

  • 15 March for international applicants outside the EU/EEA
  • 15 May for EU/EEA applicants


2. Invitation to the Admission Procedure


If you meet the admission criteria, you will be invited to the admission procedure by e-mail. 


3. Multiple Choice Test & Interview


This will take place in summer term, and consists, for each study programme, of a multiple-choice test and an interview at the UAS BFI Vienna. Preparation materials are available on our website for each study programme. We regret that internet tests and Skype interviews are not permitted. 


3a. Applicants without School-Leaving Exams


If you have no school-leaving exam, and apply because you possess relevant professional qualifications, you have to take additional exams in your admission procedure. After your application has been checked, you will be informed by e-mail which exams are required, and when you can take them. You will sit those exams in addition to the regular admission procedure and before the study programmes start.


3b. Applicants with International Study or School Certificates

Documents which are issued neither in German or English need to be translated in one of those two languages and uploaded together with the original onto the admission Portal. On the legalization list of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research you can find information on which documents exactly need to be legalised. Please inquire about specific admission criteria and international certificates with our Admission Office. Regarding additional exams we will let you know if and which are required, and you will then take those additionally and before the study programmes begin.


4. Almost Done!


As soon as all applicants have participated in the admission procedure, you will be informed by e-mail whether we can offer you a study place. You will then receive your education contract. Study places will be made available for each study programme depending applicants’ performance in the admission procedure.
Please return the signed education contract, and also transfer the tuition fee for the first semester. Relevant certificates also need to be submitted in the original at the beginning of your studies.


5. Ready to Go!

 If you have any further questions our Admission Office and the study programme coordinators will gladly answer your questions. 


Looking forward to receiving your applications!