In 2008 the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna was able to position itself in Austria as a widely recognized competence center in the area of Basel II/ risk management (risk management for financial institutions, Corporate Risk management) due to the five-year research project “Effects of Basel II on banks and resultantly on enterprises especially SMEs)“. The competence center is a knowledge producer and knowledge turntable for the mentioned subject area. The University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna is anxious to maintain the position as a competence center and with the enlargement of the subject fields to Solvency II and Basel III it made one important step forward.

From 2010 to 2012 a research project was carried out with the title „Solvency II and risk management in insurances”. Besides research projects of different subject areas of Solvency II, research and development contracts of enterprises also are accepted.

Subject areas:

  • Analysis of risks and own resources
  • Analysis of the QIS-5 study
  • The own funds requirements for insurances under a standardized approach (comparison MCR and SCR)
  • Operative implementation Solvency II
  • Present and future demands for the system of registration of Spread Risk and Solvency II
  • Politico-economic perspective of European regulations in the insurance sector

F&E projects:

  • FFG-sponsored project: Solvency II and risk management for insurances – completed
  • ÖNB-sponsored project: Global Finance and Emerging Regional Modes of Development (ERMOD) – completed
  • AK study: Financial market stability and risk management in leasing companies – completed
  • OeAD-sponsored project: Stress testing in banks and insurances in the financial market CEE – completed
  • FFG-sponsored project: innovation check – completed
  • From Basel II to Basel III? – completed
  • Back testing Copulas – completed
  • Bank regulation in the crisis – completed
  • Commercial strategies FX – completed