• Analysing corporate taxation as a business location factor
    • International location controlling and attractiveness especially of Asian states for FDI by Austrian enterprises (and vice versa)
    • Austria as an attractive location for FDI
  • Analysing the Austrian banking sector stability, and international financial architecture against the backdrop of alternative economic approaches
  • European integration:
    • Analysing current topics related to the European economic and financial crisis of 2008/2009
    • Questions of European politics and political history
    • Economic and politological questions about European integration
  • Current developments in controlling:
    • Analysing the importance of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)
  • Didactics for Universities of Applied Sciences:
    • Methodological discourse and in-depth foreign language teaching at UASs
  • European Civil Law and European Methodology

 Programme director: Prof.(FH) Dr. Elisabeth SPRINGLER