Dr. Johannes Leitner MA, Mag.a Ilse Schindler


The Black Sea Competence Centre, through its various research, teaching, and network activities, has created a field which generates excellent synergy effects for STRATOS project (STRATOS – Strategic Management of Political Risks in the Eastern Partnership and Russia for Austrian Enterprises[1]; in German: STRAtegisches Management PoliTischer Risiken in der Östlichen Partnerschaft und Russland für OeSterreichs Unternehmen). Recentefforts in research can thus be developed further in order to create significant value added not just for research and academia but also for teaching at the University of Applied Siences BFI Vienna (UAS BFI Vienna), and moreover, also for Austrian (and particularly for Viennese) enterprises. The research project is in harmony with the FTI Strategy of the City of Vienna. Results of this innovative research approach will directly benefit Viennese enterprises.

Political Risk Management means strategically dealing with real and potential threats to international enterprises which are due to political and state-institutional influence factors in the foreign market and impact on an enterprise’s success. Political Risk Management thus aims as preventing, avoiding and/or minimising the ensuing negative consequences, which can range from opportunity losses to expropriations. Despite the internationally growing importance of this discipline, which can be seen in the increasing integration of departments for political risks into enterprises, and the estabilishment of out-house consulting agencies, it is not yet well anchored in the Austrian FH sector. At the same time, the demand for relevant know-how is rising along with Austria’s export-oriented eocnomy opening up markets beyond the OECD countries.

Immediate benefit arises from (1) generating expertise in the field of “Political Risk Management“, (2) boosting excellence in teaching through new research-based contents, and (3) building networks in the scientific community, among enterprises, and other stakeholders with the aim of enhancing the profile of the UAS BFI Vienna even further.

Since the UAS BFI Vienna has committed itself to Gender Mainstreaming und Diversity Management,STRATOS will also pursue two central goals:

  1. Stimulating gender-relevant research
  2. Implementing gender- and diversity-minded didactics

Thus, in this research agenda, not only will gender-oriented methods be used but the    research topic itself will be treated comprehensively and in a gender-relevant way.

STRATOS is going to design a Political Risk Management tool, which will meet the requirements of Austrian enterprises and, as a consequence, improve their competitive character. Comprehensively implemented risk management enables enterprises to make use of the growth potential of risky markets and to manage the ensuing risk in the best way possible.

[1] The “Eastern Partnership” is a joint initiative involving the EU, its Member States and 6 eastern European partners: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. It also encompasses support for a market economy, sustainable development and good governance. See also

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