The FH BFI Vienna perceives research (besides regional and national angles) also as an internaitonal activity. Successful applied research in an international context also presupposes knowledge about, and participation in international research processes.

Research and Development (R&D) at the FH bfi Vienna (University of Applied Sciences bfi Vienna) is strategic and applied, and carried out in cooperation with regional, national and international partners.

Our research is also:

-        Practice-oriented by focussing on applied research on behalf of, or in cooperation
         with business enterprises and other institutions

-        Innovative because of generating new knowledge and solutions

-        Interdisciplinary through cross-programme and cross-sectional research

-        International through active participation in international research networks

Continuity in research and thus being anchored in the scientific community are warranted by the FH‘s research foci, its subjects, degree programmes, and ist competence teams.

Since the FH focuses on business and economics studies, our three research foci are defined as follows:

  1. Regulation of financial markets and risk management for banks and insurance companies
  2. Business location competition, and regions
  3. Management of project-oriented enterprises

In addition, every degree programme conducts R&D in at least one field of research which is oriented towards its own qualification profile or contributes to the defined research foci mentioned above. Besides these FH research foci and the programme-related research fields, activities in cross-programme fields are promoted.

In addition to the FH research foci and programme-related research fields, cross-departmental and inter-programme fields are promoted, e.g.:

  • Law studies
  • Political science
  • (University) didactics

We Do Research Together with Enterprises and Institutions

Practice orientation, innovation, and applied research needs cooperation with enterprises and institutions. Cooperation between our FH and enterprises/institutions can occur at various levels and is mutually beneficial:

-        via internships

-        through bachelor and master theses

-        in study projects

-        in research projects

-        in workshops and conferences

-        through promotion and sponsoring

We would also like to cooperate with you: Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in working together with us in an innovative, interdisciplinary and international environment; contact DI Judith E. Brücker,