FH (UAS) bfi Vienna Distinguished by EU Awards Again

Only University in Vienna: EU Commission Awards ECTS and Diploma Supplement Labels to FH bfi Vienna

“We are the only university in Vienna to be awarded both labels again,“ says Dr. Helmut Holzinger, Managing Director of the FH bfi Vienna. “The circumstance that the labels were confirmed reflects the sustainable nature of teaching and the expertise of our lecturers. “We form Europe’s top executives” is both the FH’s motto and its claim.”

Students profit from the “Diploma Supplement Label“ and the “ECTS Label“ immediately as their academic achievements can be recognised much faster and more easily in and beyond the EU. Since the study degrees are standardised according to Europe-wide criteria, our graduates find it much easier still to start international careers.

ECTS – Explaining the Term
ECTS is short for European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. ECTS are credit points. They are awarded for each course and for diploma theses. It is thus not the students’ physical presence at university but their achievements which are on focus, especially their workloads.

ECTS – Definition
ECTS stands for European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. ECTS are credit points which are allocated to each course but also to theses. It is thus not students' attendance at the university that takes centre stage but their workload.

Advantages for the Students of the FH bfi Vienna through ECTS

  • Curricula are designed from a vantage point of whether the programme can be completed in the time given. This is of particular relevance to part-time and working students.
  • Exchange semesters at partner universities are fully accredited. The FH bfi Vienna has more than 80 partner universities in more than 30 countries.
  • Every course description is detailed on the internet. From the ECTS-points the students can gather the entire workload for obtaining a passing grade for this course.
  • Learning results are central at the FH bfi Vienna. This means that in the course description the qualifications the students will have acquired after passing the course are indicated (Learning-Outcomes).


Diploma Supplement – What It Is
The Diploma Supplement is an appendix to the diploma which the university hands over to the students on their graduation day. It is the aim of the Diploma Supplement to document the degree obtained according to standardised European criteria in order to explain the degree at an international level. Since 2003 every student has received a Diploma Supplement in English.

Advantages for Students
The Diploma Supplement describes the degree obtained at the FH bfi Vienna. This is supposed to facilitate the graduates' international careers and the accreditation of academic achievements in the EU and all over the world.

Labels as a Sign of High Quality
Having been awarded with the ECTS Label and the Diploma Supplement Label again in 2013, the FH bfi Vienna can again emphasize its quality leadership in Austria. In Europe, the FH is one of the few universities that have received both labels from the EU-Commission.

About the FH bfi Vienna
With its seven bachelor programmes, six master programmes (among them one bachelor programme and three master programmes in English), and seven postgraduate programmes, the FH boasts a comprehensive tertiary education offer. Currently, there are 1,950 students at the FH, 70 per cent of whom combine studies and work.

Inquiries to: Mag.a Angelika Sönnichsen, Tel. 01 / 720 12 86-41, angelika.soennichsen@fh-vie.ac.at

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