Academic Calender

The academic year comprises 2 semesters. The beginning and the end of semesters can vary slightly between the degree programmes. The following represents approximate information, as there may be minor alterations from year to year.

Full time programmes

Career-parallel programmes

Winter semester

1st week of Oct1st week of Sept

Winter semester

1st week of Feb1st or 2nd week of Feb

Christmas break

~20 Dec – 7 Jan

~20 Dec – 7 Jan

Midterm break

1st week of Feb - last week of Feb1st or 2nd week of Feb

Summer semester start

1st week of Mar2nd or 3rd week of Feb

Summer semester

1st week of July1st week of July


Career-parallel programmes are designed for working students and take their specific situation into account. The semester takes 20 weeks and classes are held on three evenings per week and on Saturdays.