Academic Authorities

The Managing Director represents the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna (UAS) externally and internally: Managing Director: Eva Schiessl-Foggensteiner; Authorised Representative (Prokurist): Johanna Pirkfellner.
The UAS collegium is responsible for conduction and organization of lecturing and examining. The UAS collegium includes the degree programme directors of the UAS degree programmes, representatives of the lecturing and research staff, and student representatives of the UAS degree programmes. The Principal (FH) heads the UAS collegium: Principal (FH): Andreas Breinbauer, Vice Principal (FH): Ina Pircher.
Heading each UAS degree programme is a degree programme director. The degree programme director - as head of the lecturing and research staff of the respective UAS degree programme - acts autonomously. The degree programme directors have power of decision over issues concerning programme applicants and students within the legally stipulated framework.