Information for Outgoing Students

UAS bfi Vienna’s students can choose among a wide variety of mobility options.

Students who want to study abroad can do so as Erasmus students or as cooperation exchange students at one of the more than 70 partner institutions in 34 countries. The application deadlines for a semester abroad are 1 April (semester abroad in fall/winter), respectively 1 October (semester abroad in spring/summer). The application has to be done online. For further information on the application process and all study abroad options go to the UAS BFI Vienna’s homepage and to the UAS intranet ELVIS or contact the UAS’s Outgoing Mobility Coordinator Claus Inanger (+43 1 7201286 22).

UAS BFI Vienna’s students are also encouraged to do an internship abroad. The ideal framework for a rewarding internship experience is provided by the Erasmus programme, which many students take advantage of. For more information go to the UAS BFI Vienna’s homepage and to the UAS intranet ELVIS or contact the UAS’s Outgoing Mobility Coordinator Claus Inanger (+43 1 7201286 22).

Since almost 70% of the UAS BFI Vienna’s students study in our career-parallel degree programmes the UAS participates in several International Weeks which give career-parallel studying students the opportunity to gain some international study experience. The International weeks currently offered are: International Marketing Weeks, Student Conference „Diversity“, and HUMINT International Weeks. For more information go to: or contact Claudia Redtenbacher (+43 1 7201286 80).

Information for Incoming Students

Application Process: Incoming students must apply online using our application portal.
Below the documents you have to send us for your application and the application workflow with deadlines.
Required documents: application form (online!), ECTS learning agreement (signed and stamped), Transcript of Records from all previous semesters, enrolment confirmation from your university,1 photo (we prefer by e-mail (jpg)).

Application workflow:


Deadline WS


Deadline SS






15th May



15th Nov.


Online application

Confirmation e-mail

Online registration

Personal data completed


Mobility Coordinator, UAS BFI




20th May



20th Nov.


Application formally checked

Mobility Coordinator, UAS BFI


25th May



25th Nov.


 German language test completed and sent to UAS BFI

Uploads for the application (photo, documents)

Student & international coordinator of partner university



30th May



30th Nov.


Information about passed or failed language test 

Mobility Coordinator, UAS BFI


5th June



5th Dec.


Preparation of the learning agreement by selecting courses ONLINE

Printing of application form

Printing learning agreement

Mail the application form and the signed learning agreement to Mobility Coordinator, FH des BFI Wien, Wohlmutstrasse 22, A-1020 Wien.




Student or international coordinator of partner university


For further information go to:

Arrival at Vienna Airport: From Vienna Airport you can take either the City Airport Train (€11.00) or a bus (€8.00) to the city centre (Hotel Hilton, at the railway station ‘Wien Mitte’); this bus service is offered at regular intervals from 5.30am to approximately 0.30am. You can also take the municipal railway going between Vienna Airport and the railway station ‘Wien Mitte’ where you can transfer to various public transport services. For the municipal train you need a ticket to ‘Wien mit Kernzone 100’ (Viennese central zone 100; cost: €4.00). Please do not forget to stamp your ticket. Detailed information on the arrival and departure times of the busses and the municipal railway (‘S-Bahn’) can be found in WWW at:

Arrival at Westbahnhof (West Railway Station): You can take either the underground U3 (in the direction city centre) or the underground line U6. A single ticket costs €2.20.

Arrival at Bahnhof Wien Meidling: You can take the U6 to Längenfeldgasse and from there the U4 to the city centre (Karlsplatz). A single ticket costs €2.20.

For additional information go to the following web pages:

Austrian Entry and Residency Regulations: EU and Swiss citizens must have a valid passport in order to enter the country. Exchange students originating from other countries still have to apply for a visa at the consular department of an Austrian Embassy in their country of origin and can only enter Austria if they have been granted the visa.

It is obligatory for everyone to register their place of residence at the registration office (‘Bezirksamt’) of their residential district within three days from the date of arrival. The forms can also be downloaded from the following web pages:

Further information on the Austrian entry and residency regulations valid for foreign students can be found in the WWW at the following addresses:

Banks in Vienna: The normal bank opening hours in Vienna are Mon, Tue, Wed , Fri 8.30 am to 6.00 pm, Thu 8.00 am to 17.30 pm. Banks are not open on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Most banks offer special accounts for students (no or reduced service charges). For more information on opening an account and services offered by banks in Austria go to

Postal services in Vienna: The normal post office opening hours are Mon to Fri 8.00 am to 6.00 pm, Sat 8.00 am to 12.00 pm. Post offices are not open on Sundays and public holidays. For more information go to:

Public transportation in Vienna: Vienna has a very good public transportation system (5 subway lines, almost 30 tram lines, approximately 100 bus lines). Students can get a “student semester card” for €150. This card can be bought at any major subway station (enrolment confirmation and passport photo needed). Further information on

Austrian Railways: Students younger than 26 who want to travel through Austria, should probably get the “Vorteilscard”, which entitles students to travel by train for half the price for a whole year. This “Vorteilscard” costs €19.00 and can be bought at all major rail stations (passport and passport photo needed). Further information can be found on