The UAS does not arrange internships. However, due to its numerous contacts to various companies the UAS can help and advise students in their search. Each course has an internship tutor, who can be referred to for questions or problems.

  • Banking and Finance (bachelor degree programme) / International Banking and Finance (bachelor degree programme): Margit Ozvalda (tel.: ++43/1/7201286-55)
  • European Economics and Business Management (bachelor and master degree programme): Barbara Ebersberger (tel.: ++43/1/7201286-88)
  • Logistics and Transport Management (bachelor and master degree programme): Victoria Kohoutek (tel. Nr.: 720 12 86-83)
  • Project Management and Information Technology (bachelor degree programme) / Project Management and Organisation (master degree programme): Gerhard Ortner (tel. Nr.: 720 12 86-54)
  • Quantitive Asset and Risk Management (master degree programme): Veronika Hallwirth (tel.: ++43/1/7201286-931)
  • Technical Sales and Distribution Management (bachelor degree programme): Elisabeth Maria Toth (tel.: ++43/1/7201286-921)
  • Work Design and HR Management (bachelor degree programme) / Strategic HR Management in Europe (master degree programme): Bettina Wirth (tel.: ++43/1/7201286-905)