The Diploma Supplement at the UAS BFI Vienna

The UAS BFI Vienna issues automatically a Diploma Supplement (DS) to all graduates of its first and second cycle programmes free of charge in English and German (the UAS does not offer one-tier or third cycle programmes). The Diploma Supplements issued by the UAS BFI Vienna follow the standard DS template developed by the European Commission, Council of Europe and UNESCO.

Diploma Supplement Example (PDF, 1.67 MB)
Anhang zum Diplom Beispiel (PDF, 1.63 MB)

General Information on Diploma Supplement(Source)

Diploma Supplements are attached to higher education diplomas. They provide a standardized description of the nature and level of the qualification obtained by graduates. In order to provide this standardized information the Diploma Supplements issued by the UAS BFI Vienna follow the model developed by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO and consist of the required eight sections (information identifying the holder of the qualification; the qualification, its level and function; the contents and results gained; certification of the supplement; details of the national higher education system plus any additional information).

By furthering transparency Diploma Supplements benefit both students and institutions of higher education and ensure fair recognition of qualifications, aid mobility, provide access to lifelong learning opportunities and, thus, generally enhance employability.

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